individual development



  1. Jump Stop quickly not jumping too high and be on balance.

  2. Triple Threat- face the basket. “Personalize” your Triple Threat.

  3. Dribble with purpose. Less is more.

  4. Pass using the right type of pass on target at the right time with the correct angle.

  5. “Fake a pass- Make a pass”.

  6. If you can’t get a shot in less than 3 dribbles, you shouldn’t be shooting off the dribble. Get proficient at using a fake into a “punch dribble” to a shot.

  7. Develop solid footwork working on Forward Pivot and Reverse Pivot.

  8. Value the ball, share the ball, and take good shots.

  9. Shot Fake, sell the Jab Step. It's a game of deception.

  10.  Be a willing screener.

  11.  Properly utilize screens to Cut, Pop, Flair or curl- Read your defensive man.

  12.  Know and use all the types of screens: On-Ball Screen, Down Screen, Back Screen, Cross Screen, Flair Screen, Slip Screen, Curl Screen.

  13.  “Dead Time”- What are you doing when you don’t have the ball- Which is at least 90% of the time.  Screen, cut, have good player movement.

  14.  Spacing, Spacing, Spacing- Know your court geography.

  15. Acknowledge a good pass or screen. Show gratitude for selflessness.


  1. 1st rule of defending is to get back on defense. Don’t wait for your man to run down court to get back on defense- Sprint back and help your teammates.

  2. Always defend the basket. Give up a jump shot rather than a lay-up.

  3. Sound defensive stance, keep low, always seeing ball and man- Anticipate.

  4. Have your back to the basket whenever possible.

  5. Help your teammates by being in help and recover position.

  6. Active hands. “Your hands are quicker than your arms”.

  7. Do not reach- Gambling against quickness puts teammates at risk.

  8. Hands out to the side, not down at your side- Take up space.

  9. Force man with ball to sideline and baseline. Use both as an extra defender. Trapping works if you time it right.

  10. Help Side Defend- 2 passes away from ball you are in the paint in the ”I” or “Split Line”

  11. “On the line up the line”- So you can help drives and making it harder for your man to back cut.

  12.  Keep your feet- So you don’t go for fakes. Gravity is your friend.

  13.  Talk on defense- Communication is the most efficient form of help defense.


  15. Acknowledge a Charge or great effort and help. Show appreciation for sacrifice for the betterment of the team.