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A Basketball Player

A basketball player makes basketball plays. He or she plays with great effort and passion, with determination and unbridled enthusiasm, competitive spirit, with unselfishness and gratitude, playing for the betterment and success of his/ her teammates.

A basketball player relentlessly defends because defense wins championships. He or she values and shares the ball to get the best shot for the team, makes good shot selection decisions, dribbles efficiently with purpose, and rebounds because hard work is rewarding.

A basketball player learns to understand the mathematics, geography, language, and psychology of the game.

He/ she always looks for something to do on the court when he/ she doesn’t have the ball. He/ she sets great screens to get teammates open, moves without the ball, and talks on defense because he/ she knows the importance of communication in any activity.

He or she takes charges and dives on the floor because a basketball player always plays with a great work ethic and desire.

A basketball player respects his or her coach, officials, opponents, teammates, and most importantly- the game and him/herself.

A basketball player plays the game the right way: With heart and hustle. A basketball player is humble, giving credit to everyone else. His or her success is a collaborative exercise, and he or she is positive, loyal, and appreciative for the opportunity of being part of something larger than self.

Basketball is a joyful metaphor for life experience.